Our Story

This is us, Kristi Grunden and Tanner Beard. We met while working in a photography studio in college, so it only makes sense that we'd have an intimate connection to photography. We've had many days and nights out with just our cameras and ourselves, exploring any nook and cranny we can together. We've been sharing our business and lives together for 3 years now and see many more to come. We created The Burrow as a team and dedicated ourselves to each other and our business to create beautiful art and photos to express our clients' love and togetherness just as we would want for our own lives. We love the sense of discovery and finding new things to try or see. We direct that love of discovery to learn about our clients so we can then show their true self's in their images. We hope to capture stunning images for you to have and cherish in your burrow forever!



noun: burrow; plural noun: burrows

  1. A special home where family and friends come together to share warm meals, cozy nights, and loving company